What People Are Saying…

I love this place. It has become my sanctuary. I’ve always maintained a minimal level of physical activity but this place challenges me and I’ve sweated and formed muscle in places I didn’t know was possible.

The instructors focus on form and have a vested interest in each member progressing to the next level. Don’t worry though, they wont let you advance if they don’t think you’re ready to avoid injury. Yes, even if you beg! Sometimes I feel like they know my body better than I do!

I love the Blueprint Fitness! I recently joined for the kickboxing and yoga classes offered there. The kickboxing, taught be Stephanie, is intense and one of the best workouts I’ve ever had. She switches the training up every class, so you’re constantly doing something new and you won’t get bored, and she’ll push you to your limit while encouraging you, she’s great! I highly recommend Blueprint Fitness to everybody.

Jamie J.

I am shocked I am the first person to write a review. I have only known Josh for two weeks, but his enthusiasm for not just exercise, but proper form and technique, is immediately apparent. This is not your average gym or even CrossFit space – it is a place for group exercise that is monitored by staff who are not just making sure you are doing the exercises, but making sure you are doing them correctly. When Josh spends 20 minutes teaching you how to do a proper squat, you realize how wrong you’ve been doing them in the past, and why the proper technique matters.

The B-Fit workouts are great and the friendly competition always helps. Josh is a really caring owner and takes the time to make every person feel welcome – whether it’s an email letting you know that a particular class (B-Fit, Yoga, Kickboxing or Gymnastics) is cancelled, or letting everyone know about an upcoming fun activity (kickball, anyone?) I know that Josh and his crew are going to get me strong and I am looking forward to the weekly challenges. Semper Fi!

Shyam S.

Knowledgeable Trainers, challenging workouts, and fun.

C Harris.

I had a great experience at Blueprint fitness!! from the staff to the classes it just was a great workout(besides the good pains)!

Erin W.

I’ve been a Crossfit/p90x/circuit training enthusiast for four years now, and Blueprint Fitness is hands down the best facility that I’ve been to. I have followed their main trainer from another gym. This person as well as the rest of the team are knowledgeable, motivating, and fun to be around. No matter your fitness level, you are welcome and encouraged to come in. The community aspect of the program is great as well. You get to meet new people who can help you stay encouraged about your fitness goals and who offer some friendly competition to keep you motivated. Highly recommended!

Zac L.

Josh and Co. are awesome coaches who take a personal interest in every client. They know how to challenge and motivate while respecting each individual’s fitness level. This creates an atmosphere of camaraderie among the clientele and a perfect environment in which to train. You’ll show up on days when you don’t feel like it just to catch the spirit. I can’t recommend Blueprint Fitness enough!

Rob C.

Best gym ever! Awesome instructors who truly care about you and your goals.

Vinay B.

I love this gym. The owners (Shane and Josh) are the trainers, and you can tell they take pride in your success. I have explained my goals, and they are making every effort to help me succeed. If you’re looking for great training, come here.

Neal S.