Benefits of Kettlebell Training


Results: Down 50 lbs!!!

“My wife and I joined Blueprint Fitness right after we got married. It’s been just over a year and we have learned a ton and totally changed. We know a lot more about our diets and our bodies. Over that time I have lost around 50 lbs. and look totally different. This took a lot of hard work, but with the help of my wife, Josh, Shane, and the rest of the Blueprint staff, it was made possible.

This is very advanced personal training that is catered to your specific level of fitness. If you are looking to completely change your fitness and overall health, I would highly recommend starting here.” – Zach

From the Owner: The first 6 months of Zach’s journey was 1) learning how to use kettlebells, powerlifting technique and 2) improving his diet. As Zach’s training advanced he noticed his strength levels rise drastically (ex. 400+lb deadlift and 25+lb weighted pull-ups). However, his appearance changed only slightly. It wasn’t until Zach truly took to heart the importance of nutrition did he begin to see change in his body composition. The end result is what you see to the right of both the top and bottom photos. Lifts weights, you’ll get strong. Lift weights and eat well, you’ll get strong and look it!



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