The Blueprint Creator, Down 70 lbs!!!

Results: Lost 70 Pounds & 14.5% Body Fat!!!

Now 195lbs and 13% Body Fat!

His Story: Co-Founder of Blueprint Fitness, Josh was always heavy growing up making him a prime target for bullies in grade school. This led him to begin weight training in high school. He believed that if he was the biggest and strongest kid nobody could pick on him. It worked, but this also led to a substantial amount of unhealthy weight. At his peak Josh reach 270 pounds.  He received his bachelors in Education from JMU and then enlisted in the United States Marine Corp. After his tour in Iraq Josh spent three years studying various training styles, human anatomy, and movement patterns which led to him opening Blueprint Fitness. Josh is currently 195 lbs, 13.5% body fat, and an advocate for anti-bullying.


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