Best Friends With Amazing Results


Courtney: Lost 16 lbs and 6.5% Body Fat

Carmen: Down 6% Body Fat & 2 Dress Sizes

Courtney and Carmen met in the fall of 2001 while students at Spelman College in Atlanta, GA. They later pledged the same sorority, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Eta Kappa Chapter in the Spring of 2002 making them linesisters for life! Since graduating, they maintained a close friendship enjoying dinner and drinks, going to plays and festivals and just hanging out together with other linesisters and friends. At the beginning of the new year (2014), one of their linesisters, Erica Edwards hosted a hot chocolate social for all of the linesisters who were in Atlanta.

During the social, they started talking about the new gym Carmen belonged to and she invited Erica and Courtney to join her for a workout at Blueprint Fitness later that week. Both, Erica and Courtney ended up joining Blueprint later that same month. Since joining Blueprint, Carmen said “it’s been great working out with my friends and linesisters because we hold one another accountable, push each other to give our best, encourage one another to stick to our healthy eating habits, and most importantly, we laugh and have fun together at the gym.” In just a few months at Blueprint Carmen dropped over 6% Body Fat and gain 10lbs of lean muscle mass. She use to wear size 10 dress and is down to size 6. Courtney was the June Member of the Month at Blueprint Fitness and has dropped just over 16 lbs and 6.5% body fat.



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