From The Treadmill To Kettlebells

Results: Lost 20 Pounds & 12% Body Fat!

“I was into fitness and a healthy lifestyle for as long as I can remember. From barre to treadmill interval classes, I was obsessed with cardio and thought that lifting weights would cause me to “bulk up.” I was spending every day in the gym and not seeing the results of a “toned physique” like I wanted. After being challenged to forget the cardio and put my fear of lifting weights behind me, I began working out consistently at Blueprint Fitness, focusing on lifting and mastering the movements. In about 3 quick months of regular Blueprint workouts and healthy eating, I have not only seen gains in strength but also toning in even my “problem areas.” To top it all off, this all happened while sitting at a desk all day as a communications consultant. I’m in the best shape of my life and Blueprint Fitness made me fall in love with working out again! I couldn’t imagine stepping foot back on a treadmill. Give me more kettlebells!!!” – Alexandra W.




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