Our Unique Blueprint Plan

The Blueprints

A Blueprint is a plan for each Blueprint Fitness Member. This plan lays out the foundation of what you need to do, how often, and is entirely customized to each member’s skill level.

Below are several examples of information that can be found in each Blueprint. Every two to three months members are reassessed and Blueprints are slightly modified.

Functional Movement Screen

What is the FMS? The FMS is a 7 movement test which helps us find body imbalances, limitations, and dangerous movement patterns so that they can be addressed. The FMS also indicates an individual’s readiness to perform exercises so that realistic goals can be set and achieved.

How is the FMS Scored?

Each of the 7 movements are worth a total of 3 points. The highest score someone can receive on their FMS is 21 and lowest is 0. As the trainer instructs you through each movement they look for faulty movement patterns, balance issues, and any restrictions. If any pain is associated with the movement the participant will receive a score of 0 even if they complete the exercise perfectly. If no pain is associated with the movement then the score can range from as low as 1 to a perfect score of 3.

How is the FMS used? The FMS score is then applied to your Blueprint plan using specific exercises to correct and improve any movement issues. We do not take a “one size fits all” approach to our training. Every members ‘Blueprint’ is totally customized like a perfectly tailored pair of jeans.

Why do we use the FMS? At Blueprint Fitness we use the FMS because it helps with injury prevention. Those with low scores on certain movements are much more likely to get hurt performing exercises that require similar patterns. The ‘Blueprint’ is what gives us the ability to tailor the program specifically to your skill level to help prevent injury.


In life we learn through progressions. As babies we first learn to hold our head up, then we learn to crawl, followed by standing, then walking and eventually running. At Blueprint Fitness we have created a series of progressions for skill, strength, and kettlebell movements. Each progression starts at the beginner level and is designed for those who have never even exercised. These progressions become increasingly more difficult leading up to advanced and elite level movements. Members are challenged to master each level before they advance to the next.

To the left is example of just 2 out of the 12 steps for our handstand progression. Trainer Genevieve is demonstrating a headstand (step #5) while Head Trainer Josh is performing a strict handstand (step #12). Just between these two movements there are 6 steps!!! Learning through progressions is the ONLY way to train correctly AND safely to see lasting results.

Measurement & Photos

One of the most accurate ways to determine improvement is comparing physical measurements and photos over time. At Blueprint Fitness all members are assessed every 2-3 months. In addition to photos and measurements, members also have their body fat percentage, blood pressure, and pulse monitored.

Alexandra’s dedication to the Blueprint Program has produced huge results. In addition to losing 20 lbs and 12% body fat the Blueprint Program helped her fall in love with exercise again! To see the success of other Blueprint Fitness Members click here.


Included in each member’s Blueprint are pre and post workout mobility exercises. These exercises are designed to help improve mobility, stability, and/or flexibility. The exercises given to each member depend on their FMS results. We only target one or two areas at a time so effective change can be made.

Above, is an example of a motor control and hamstring mobility drill.