Small Group
Small Group is a personal training class that is customized for each member based on their skill level. Every member has their own customized ‘Blueprint’ which the Coach uses to guide them through the daily workout. Members follow an organized, well thought out program specific to their strengths and needs. Our members get personal training but in a small group allowing them to share the cost of a personal Coach. The Blueprint Fitness Coaches take extra care to make sure each member is performing exercises with proper form and technique. >>Read More
Our Team Training is a large group workout that combines cardio, strength, and dynamic movements to help get you the results you are looking for. We always finish strong with a fun core workout and team challenge. Team workouts incorporate a group warm up, 20 minute circuit training workout, and group finisher. The workouts usually last about 45 – 50 minutes.
Kettlebell Basics
Kettlebell Basics is a one-hour kettlebell instruction session for beginner to advanced members. New members are strongly encouraged to use this class to ensure their kettlebell swing, Turkish getup, and other kettlebell exercises are performed properly. Advanced members may use this class to practice challenging kettlebell exercises such as the kettlebell snatch, bottoms up press, bent press, etc.

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