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Our Story

In 2012, three brothers by the names of Joshua, Shane and Jeremiah Jarmin developed a vision for a revolutionary, new approach to fitness. Prior to this vision, Joshua, Shane and Jeremiah Jarmin played football for years, but unfortunately ended up sustaining significant weight gain and injuries. Joshua (middle) began studying concepts such as types of body movement, methods in pain reduction, and overall human anatomy. This is when the idea for Blueprint Fitness was born.

Blueprint Fitness is designed to help people reach their specific fitness goal. Whether you are trying to lose weight, tone up, build muscle, or reduce body fat % the Blueprint Program can help you. The program is for those who value hard work, dedication, and holding themselves relentlessly accountable.

Our Philosophy

At Blueprint Fitness, we believe in, first, moving correctly. Then, moving often. You can’t reach any goal without a good PLAN. Then, you BUILD upon it using your abilities and limitations. Finally, you SUCCEED through ongoing progressions to reach new levels. We will be honest with you, we will push you, we will hold you accountable, and we want you to have fun. The results will happen! Plan. Build. Succeed.

Our Unique Approach

With a unique approach and so many opportunities for an overall improvement on your health, it’s hard to consider any other option. As a person trains at Blueprint Fitness, their strength, body awareness, and muscle balance are all monitored and tested to track improvements. Blueprint Fitness is the only way to achieve personal training in a small group fitness setting for an affordable price.

Many other fitness groups in Atlanta are obsessed with focusing on the “burn” of a workout. Uniquely, Blueprint Fitness is entirely focused on the movement. We focus on form and patterns in movement. The ultimate result is a body that it is in the best shape of its life; it’s fit, lean, mobile, strong, and completely pain-free.

The ultimate goal at Blueprint Fitness is to help individuals achieve the body they want in a sustainable way. Blueprint Fitness strives to help individuals work out a solid plan for their fitness goals. From there, they build upon according to their personal strengths and weaknesses. As the training progresses, new levels and heights are reached that were never even visible before. New programs are constantly being developed at Blueprint Fitness, and members are continually reaching and surpassing their goals. Blueprint Fitness is the ultimate, new age solution to fitness and well being.

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