Habits, daily habits, make or break our health, careers, friendships, and goals. Most of the time they are very subtle. One such subtlety is when we grab food on the run. Being surrounded by loads of fast food options makes it very easy. Seriously, who hasn’t been in a rush out the door, didn’t have time to prep breakfast, and grabbed the McGriddle sandwich from McDonald’s® to eat on the way to work? I’m not of the illusion that you’ll never, ever eat fast food but there comes a point where it becomes a habit and the waistline keeps expanding, ever so gradually. On the bright side, many fast food chains have started introducing healthier food options. However, our desire to eat the traditionally delicious options still taunt us to purchase what we know will taste like Heaven in our mouths. So, if you’re going to do it then you might as well know how many calories your favorite fast food items add up to in your belly.


Chick-Fil-A Chicken Biscuit

440 calories

20g of Fat

48g of Carbs

16g of Protein


Hash Browns

250 calories

17g of Fat

23g of Carbs

3g of Protein

I know, it’s borderline blasphemy to speak negatively about Chick-Fil-A in the South. To their credit they have greatly enhanced their healthier choice options. Buuuut, the most commonly purchased items listed above equate to nearly 700 calories…and that’s just for breakfast! Don’t get me wrong, I think their fried chicken is amazing (I should know, I had some the other week after a bad hangover) but when it’s something you use as a “go to” several days a week it can add up.


Starbuck’s Vanilla Latte

250 calories

6g of Fat

36g of Carbs

12g of Protein


Blueberries & Honey Greek Yogurt Parfait

250 calories

2.5g of Fat

42g of Carbs

14g of Protein

This isn’t too bad. You’re hitting 500 calories for breakfast but 250 of those calories is just the coffee. A sure fire way to expand your waistline is to drink your calories. They’re non-satiating, calorie dense, and nutrient poor options for your diet. Personally,  I understand why the Vanilla Latte is the most purchased coffee item on the menu….their coffee sucks! Seriously, it tastes burnt every, single time I’ve gone to a Starbucks. Stick with the plain coffee and sugar-free syrup for some flavor and a low fat creamer.


Willy’s Baja Burrito

1145 calories

47g of Fat

123g of Carbs

53g of Protein

Oh, who doesn’t love Willy’s? A favorite here in Atlanta it has quite a selection of “build your own” burrito’s, bowls, etc. So tasty, so delicious! Unfortunately, nearly any South-of-the-Border themed restaurant (fast food or otherwise) is loaded with calories. Here’s the catch; everyone thinks it’s because of the rice and beans. While those two items do help add up the calories the majority comes from the guacamole, cheese, and oils used to cook the meats (fat content is already high in the meats but goes even higher during the cooking process). Yes, most of these food items have solid nutrient profiles and should not be avoided unless you have any digestive issues consuming them. However, moderation is key. Stick with the salad bowl option and pick one starch (rice OR beans) and one fat (guacamole OR cheese). Just remember it doesn’t matter how nutrient dense the food may be but the total amount of calories when it comes to losing a few extra pounds.

Have a few healthier options you recommend from these local Atlanta favorites? Let us know!


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