Yes, it’s possible to have a favorite workout. If you’re lucky it’s every, single time you train. If you’re like me then you probably like your workouts overall but rarely ever have a favorite “go to” training routine. In the past I’ve mentioned the “Deck of Cards” routine as my favorite travel workout (and it still is). However, recently I’ve had the urge to give another favorite workout a shot….the 10,000 Swing Challenge!


You’re probably thinking, “Josh! That’s a LOT of swings!” You’re correct. This is not a routine for a mere mortal. This workout is for those who have mastered the Russian kettlebell swing. If you have not practiced and are not proficient with this style of swing for at least 1 year then I suggest you move on….this isn’t for the weak! So, how do you do the 10,000 Swing Challenge? It’s so simple it’s almost scary: you perform 10,000 swings in 1 month.


Here’s a breakdown of what a month of the 10,000 Swing Challenge will look like:


  • Week 1: Complete 500 swings on each day (M/Tu/W/Th/F)
  • Week 2: Complete 500 swings on each day (M/Tu/W/Th/F)
  • Week 3: Complete 500 swings on each day (M/Tu/W/Th/F)
  • Week 4: Complete 500 swings on each day (M/Tu/W/Th/F)


NOTE: You should use a kettlebell that is roughly 1/3 of your body weight.

That’s 2,500 swings a week for a total of 10,000 swings in one month. Told you it was simple yet scary haha. But wait…there’s more!


I would be nuts to ask you to perform 500 swings every day, 5x week for four weeks. Nay nay! We have to make this a little more entertaining. So, the next step is to pick just one more exercise to perform during your workout. Each day you will pick a different exercise to include in your “swing” workout. For example, I like pull-ups so I’ll add pull-ups to my Monday workout. Here’s what a Monday workout with swings and pull-ups would look like:


  • Monday: 50 Swings + 10 Pull-ups x 10 sets
    • Alternative option: 25 Swings + 5 pull-ups x 20 sets
      • Note: total VOLUME is the same between both workouts, but you may change the number of reps/sets to what suits you best


You can be as creative as you like with this workout. You can perform ladder sets (1 swing, 1 pull-up, 2 swings, 2 pull-ups, etc.). You can do pyramid sets (5-10-15-10-5 Swings + 5-10-15-10-5 pull-ups). The only thing you must remember is to get to 500 swings during the workout. This isn’t a race. Take your time so you are recovered to perform you swings properly.


On Tuesday you’ll pick another exercise such as pushups and pick a number of sets/reps to perform along with your swings. As before, you can mix and max the number of sets/reps as you see fit but you must reach 500 swings at the end of your training session. If you’re thinking, “What the heck do I do for legs? I’m already swinging every day.” My suggestion? Pick body weight lunges, squats, steps, etc. You’re already hitting your hamstrings, so make your primary leg exercise a knee dominant/quad focused.


Here’s a sample week of what my 10,000 Swing Challenge would look like:


  • MONDAY: 25 Swings + 5 Weighted Chin Ups x 20 sets
  • TUESDAY: 50 Swings + 20 Pushups x 10 sets
  • WEDNESDAY: 25 Swings + 10 Goblet Squats x 20 sets
  • THURSDAY: 50 Swings + 15 TRX Rows x 10 sets
  • FRIDAY: 25 Swings + 5/arm KB Press x 20 set
  • SATURDAY/SUNDAY: Active Recovery (i.e. long walk, light jog, swimming, bike ride) + Stretching


Each week I would rotate a different push, pull, and knee dominant pattern. You’re more than welcome to stick with the same exercises and change the sets/reps but it’s good to give yourself a little variety for 1) joint health and 2) to prevent boredom.


So, are you going to do it? What exercises are you going to pick?



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