Working out should be simple but it can get complicated. That’s why many people begin with running. Aside from the activity costing you calories and not dollars it’s something you know how to do…even if you don’t do it well. However, making a workout fun and effective is not that simple. It varies from person to person. Me? I like simplicity. I try to figure out how I can get the most out of my workout with as little as possible. That’s why I created this fun little “go to” workout. All you need is a kettlebell, pull-up bar or TRX®, and your own body. Have a look:


Circuit 1

A1. Pushups 3 x 30s

A2. KBS 3 x 30s


Circuit 2

B1. Pull-Ups 3 x 30s

B2. KBS 3 x 30s


Circuit 3

C1. Goblet Squats 3 x 30s

C2. KBS 3 x 30s


See? Very simple…but effective! The next step is figuring out how to continue with this workout so you don’t get bored. Good thing there are a few minor changes to make it a little more entertaining and progressively more difficult so you can stimulate more change.


Option #1: Increase the number of sets by ‘1’:


Week 1 = 3 sets

Week 2 = 4 sets

Week 3 = 5 sets

Week 4 = 2 sets (this is your “deload” phase and you’ll want to rest up before restarting the program.


Option #2: Pick a different exercise for each circuit:


  • Dips instead of Pushups
  • Suspension Rows instead of Pull-Ups
  • Lunges instead of Goblet Squats


Option #3: Increase the resistance/intensity


  • Adding weight to your back for pushups, pull-ups, or increasing the weight of the kettlebell in the goblet squat and/or swing


Option #4: Increase the ‘work’ time


Go from 30 seconds to 40 seconds or 50 seconds. Break time should be adjusted accordingly as well


  • Increase rest time to focus on strength/hypertrophy
  • Decrease rest time to focus on cardio/fat loss



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