Resetting. Cleansing. Detoxing. Call it what you like it’s bullsh*t.

There is one hard truth when it comes to your health: there is no quick fix! (at least, no fix that lasts). One such method being marketed to the public for decades has been a “detox diet.” Why the appeal?

First, we’re not patient creatures. Second, we think we can have it all. If anything, we’ve become less patient with the advancements in industry and technology. Want a new dress? New car? You can have it right now or in a day or two. Unfortunately, the same immediate gratification is not possible when it comes to our health. Detox diet promoters would have you think otherwise. Tell me if this sound familiar:

“Lose 10lbs in 5 days!”

“Cleanse your body of unwanted toxins!”

“Cure any disease with this product!”

If you ever run into someone advertising these statements run in the other direction, fast! The promise of weight loss and a life free from the disease are strong motivators. Who doesn’t want to be leaner and never sick? It’s a great sales pitch. These promoters have become so good at the marketing game that despite scientific research showing little-to-no long-term health benefits, people still buy into their claims. One study showed a small group of participants followed lemon water syrup cleanse while the other group followed a 400kcal/day diet eating real food. The results? Both groups lost body fat. Why? The answer should be obvious; they both were in a caloric deficit. Shocker!

The truth is there is no substance on the planet that can “detox” your body better than…well…you!

Our bodies already have built-in detox tools: liver, kidneys, lungs, lymph nodes, colon, and skin.

Why so many? For one, our bodies are very complex and running 24/7 to help keep us alive and thriving. Second, nearly everything we eat, drink and breathe has some form of toxins in them…including healthy foods! It is impossible to 100% eliminate toxins from our life and this has been the case for the majority of human existence. Why do you think you can scarf down a whole bucket of wings, a 12-pack of beer, a sleeve of chocolate chip cookies, get 4 hours of sleep and still function (to some degree) the next day? Your body is helping you “detox.” However, your body can only handle so much. In fact, your body can take quite a beating for decades before any major issues pop up, if you’re lucky. So, how should you detox? Start with your diet (you saw this coming).

I’ll go into more detail in a second but use this phrase from Michael Pollan, world-renowned author on the human diet and eating habits.

“Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants”

For the BEST method of detoxing your body please follow the 5 steps below:

  1. Eat moderate amounts of food. Eating too much puts excess strain on your organs. In addition, the more food you consume the more toxins your body has to process. Moderate amount works. Too much can lead to damage.
  2. Focus on fruits and vegetables. Reason? They provide additional vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that strengthen our bodies immune system to fight off unwanted toxins.
  3. Drink plenty of filtered water and tea. These help keep our kidneys in good working order.
  4. Move, move, and move! Get your body sweating. Our skin is our largest organ and sweating is one of the best ways to remove excess toxins in our body. In addition, get some sun. Vitamin D will do wonders for your health.
  5. Use EWG’s database to find the products (hygienic, household cleaning supplies, etc.) with the cleanest rating and fewest toxins.

There you have it. The next time someone wants you to purchase their latest “detox diet” plan just say, “No thank you. I already have one.”


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