It’s a “spooktalular” holiday and what better way than to celebrate the Day of the Dead than a workout that leaves you lifeless on the floor? Muahahahahahaha!


I’m not a fan of “thrashing” workouts but it seemed fitting to create a kettlebell workout, aptly titled “MONSTER”, for today’s session 🙂 All you need is a pair of kettelbells of the same weight. Ideally, you’ll complete the entire circuit using the same kettlebells on all exercises (no substitutions!). Now, go ahead and one BELL of a workout! <– see what I did there?


5 sets of 10 reps (each exercise):

  • 2-KB Swing
  • 2-KB Clean
  • 2-KB Snatch
  • 2-KB Push Press
  • 2-KB Squat
  • 2-KB Row

Want to make it harder? Don’t set the kettlebells down until you complete 1 full set.



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