Actress/model Gal Gadot has dawned the bulletproof bracelets and “lasso of truth” for the second time this past weekend and she’s smashing box office records. This is not only good for comic book fans and the like but for women in general. Being a strong, intelligent, and empathetic woman of fortitude is something that should be embraced and supported. No longer the damnsel in distress, women are now the heroes! However, before Gal Gadot could take on such responsibility she had to get in Amazonian fighting shape! If you’re going to represent one of the most popular superheroes of all time, as well be an empowering symbol for women around the world, then you better represent that standard proudly and physically (and, she doesn’t get to use a muscle suit to fall back on).



Gal Gadot is no stranger to hard, physical training. She served in the Israeli Defense force and endured the rigors of bootcamp. Since her time as a soldier she has focused on maintaining a naturally lean frame through pilates and suspension training. However, that wasn’t enough to put 15lbs of muscle on her frame to represent an Amazonian warrior. Enter Mark Twight, legendary Hollywood trainer who created the physiques of fellow superheroes Superman (Henvry Cavill) and Batman (Ben Affleck). Mark is an expert at designing training programs that suit the needs of actors and actresses who have to both perform fighting sequences, as well as looking like a fitness model. With Gals lean frame, while low on bodyfat, is difficult to add muscle (hey, there’s pros and cons to everything). The advantage of Gal’s lean body fat is that it allows whatever muscle she puts on to be on display more easily (no cutting phase needed).

Gal’s program consisted of many bodyweight exercises and TRX® training. Some of the exercises used in an intense workout circuit after 4 months of training included:

  • Rowing Machine x 5 min.
  • Bear Crawls x 30m
  • Broad Jump w/ Burpee x 30m
  • Crab Walk x 30m
  • Pull-Ups x 3 reps for 7 sets (no band!)
  • TRX Pushups x 3 reps for 5 sets


Gal was permitted less than 1 min. of rest between exercises. Remember, this was a circuit performed after several months of training to test her progress. Mark Twight is known for designing such works as a “standard” to see how well his clients training is coming along. In addition, Gadot would have to train like a fighter due to the extensive fight scenes throughout Wonder Woman. These fighting styles included kickboxing, ju-jitsu, and sword fighting. This is only a snapshot of Gal’s training program but it highlights that simple works when applied correctly.


While Gal had a lean frame it was important to alter her diet to increase her lean muscle mass by 15lbs and standing at 5’10 that wouldn’t be easy. Mark Twight had her on a diet of what he calls 50/50: half a plate of protein and half a plate of fiber. To help add weight Gal made most of her fiber source come from fruits due to the high concentration of calories she would need to put on muscle. When staying lean and not on an intense training program from Mark, Gal would substitute half of her fiber intake with vegetables and an occasional cheat meal (she loves burgers!).

In addition, Gal would consume water throughout the day, up to 1 gallon and get good sleep. Mark Twight states that hydration and sleep are absolutely necessary when designing any clients diet and training routine. If his clients don’t get the sleep they require then their training suffers anywhere from 20-30%. That’s a huge chunk of training time and effort wasted all because someone didn’t get their Z’s.


Conclusion: Bodyweight exercises are great strength builders and can be used in any training program to help build a better body. Have a diet high in fiber and protein in order to stimulate muscle growth and fat loss. Finally, get your sleep!



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