Last week we showcased the multitude of squat variations to incorporate into your training. Now, we’re going after all of our favorite HINGE exercises (aka deadlift). For mobility reasons hinging exercises are a favorite when compared to squats. Why? As long as your hamstrings are not extremely tight then you have the prerequisites to perform hinging patterns. Hinging does not require deep ankle flexion or knee flexion like a squat. Another key benefit to hinging vs squatting is the ability to hinge when it translates to back health. Most Westerners are anterior chain (front side) dominant and have weak posterior chains (back side). Plus, individuals who can’t perform deep knee flexion due to an injury can still perform hinging patterns for strength and power.


We’ve included many unilateral (1-leg) patterns of hinging. While these require more balance they are necessary to improve symmetry with your body and help strengthen the weaker leg. Now, hinge away!



  • 2-Leg/1-Leg Dowel RDL (posture correction)

  • 2-Leg/1-Leg TRX RDL

  • Bench Hip Thrust (1-leg/2-leg)


  • 1-KB 1-Leg RDL/2-KB 1-Leg RDL/2-KB 2-leg RDL

  • 1-KB DL/2-KB DL

  • 2-Handed KBS/1-Handed Swing/2-KBS

  • 1-KB/2-KB Clean

  • 1-KB/2-KB Snatch


  • Hip Thrust

  • RDL

  • Deadlift

  • Sumo Deadlift

  • Good Mornings

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