“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” Ok, that’s a phrase people use when referring to Winter holidays but I disagree! I loooooove Halloween. From the candies and costumes to the parties and haunted houses. That doesn’t mean it comes without consequence. Especially, when we talk about the amount of candy we consume. Here are a few numbers to consider when getting your “Trick or Treat” on tonight:


  1. The average pillow case (standard candy collecting utensil) can hold up to 1700 pieces of candy.
  2. Average said pillow case will contain between 3,500 to 7,000 calories worth of candy (I suspect even more)
  3. You’ll need to perform up to 17 min. worth of burpees (gross!) to burn off 1 bite-sized Snickers bar
  4. 2 hrs 34 min. worth of walking you’ll need to do in order to burn off 1 Tall Starbucks® Pumpkin Spice Latte (but it tastes so good!)
  5. 12 grams of sugar in 1 bite-size piece of candy (average candy bars are 3-5x that amount)


So, how do you survive the most wonderful and scariest of holidays without putting a damper on your fitness goals? Let me teach you young Frankenstein.


First, if it’s your “cheat” day and you’ve been saving up for weeks then have a ball! Let’s be honest, it’s hard to resist all that candy. Don’t feel guilty. Enjoy it and, dare I say, eat all of it that night. You’ll go through the typical stomach pains the next day and visit the bathroom more often than you’re used to but at least it’s gone. I know that’s not the healthiest of advice but I’m telling you what’s really going to happen (at least in my house). If you have not been eating very well, still have lots of weight you’re trying to lose, then it’s time to be conservative. Set aside whatever you want to have for tonight and put the rest in the freezer! This is the only way I can control myself if I want to “spread load” my candy consumption. It’ll be very hard to eat 1 piece of candy, let alone a whole bunch in the days to come. This is the healthier option but one that’s a little harder to follow.


Second, move around as much as you can tonight. Walk around the block more than once (try to avoid getting more candy with your kids the second go round). Aside from being low impact, walking is a healthy activity that can help deal with the sugar rush of all that candy consumption later in the evening. If you have the time go for a HIIT (high intensity interval training) or HIT (high intensity training) workout earlier in the day.


Third, give the candy away! I know, I know. You worked for that candy. You want to consume very last piece of that candy. But, is it really worth it? Like Jack Lalanne said, “A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.” I’m almost at the point in my life where this phrase is starting to work (it’s been nearly 10 years of practice so I’m a slow learner). One or two pieces won’t do the damage but routine consumption will add up over time. Either you can control it or you can’t. I can’t so I go with what works: not consuming any candy or over indulging once in a blue moon. If I go with the former then I give the candy away. Besides, you’ll be someone’s Halloween hero this night haha.


Like I said at the beginning, not all of these suggestions are the healthiest but they are more realistic. Are you really going to consume an apple or two to help with your cravings? Will the list of unhealthy facts of Halloween candy consumption sway you from participating? I’m betting the answer is, “no.” Keep it simple: indulge, be conservative, or stay abstinent. If you really want to ‘math’ out your calories and sugars then click HERE for a list of all the delicious delectable candies this Halloween.



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