Protein is the basic building block of all cells in the body. Whey protein is the best quality protein on the market. There are several forms of protein powders but I’m going to keep it simple give you the two most popular forms of protein powders: concentrate and isolate protein. There’s more protein in isolate than concentrate but concentrate has more peptide factions carry many nutrients the body needs for immune function and to be used as an antioxidant. Isolate has fewer carbohydrates and fats making it ideal for those who want to lean up as they get stronger. Leaner individuals should take concentrate since they will need the extra calories from fat and carbs to help with training and strength gains.



Creatine is one of the most feared supplements by those who know very little about training. For those of us who have been in the lifting game for a while know that creatine is arguably the most needed supplement in hard training, second only to protein. Creatine is an amino acid you body already produces naturally. We can take in more through our diet, specifically meat sources. Creatine enhances work capacity when training in both HIIT style workouts, heavy lifting, and endurance sports. This occurs because creatine helps muscle cells absorb more water. No, this is not going to damage your kidneys (common myth with creatine). Howver, because your muscles will be drawing in more water you need to make sure you’re consuming lots of water throughout the day. Want to get the most out of creatine? Lift heavy and drink tons of water.


BCAA (branch chain amino acids)

BCAA’s comprise 3 of the 20 amino acids found in most protein sources. These 3 amino acids are depleted during intense physical exercise. We need to replenish our bodies with BCAAs in order to help protein synthesis (transportation of protein to muscle fibers for growth) and protein metabolism (absorption of protein from the gut) occur. In addition, BCAA supplementation can help with muscle fatigue during exercise and improves metabolic recovery.



One of the primary benefits of Carnitine is its ability to reduce the effects of aging and disease on our mitochondria. Part of this affect is due to the increased blood flow throughout the body. This leads to a greater uptake of nutrients by the body to heal and grow stronger. Another benefit of Carnitine supplementation is its ability to limit muscle loss when inactive and the reduction of glycogen during intense exercise. This means the body was using current fat stores as energy resulting in a decrease in overall body fat percentage.



This supplement helps your muscles fight off the effects of acid buildup leading to fatigue. Athletes who take Beta Alanine are known to increase their sets by an additional 2-3 reps leading to an increase in strength and lean muscle. In addition, speed athletes have seen an increase in energy duration during longer cardio workouts.



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