It’s that time of the year again! You’re ready to start eating better, working out, and getting beach body ready. Guess what? You’re going to fail…..within the first 30 days. Shocked? You shouldn’t be. You did the same thing last year and it didn’t work. Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result is the very definition of insanity. I hope you’re not insane. You can prove it by changing up your game plan this year. I didn’t say you had to change your goals, just your strategy. Use the 3 steps below to give yourself a chance for success in 2016!


Step 1: Pick no more than FIVE resolutions or goals for 2016. Not all of them have to be health related. These goals can be improving your social relationships or helping the environment. Here’s an example:

Goal 1: Lose 10lbs (health)

Goal 2: Give 3 compliments a day (relationships)

Goal 3: Volunteer at Humane Society (society)

Goal 4: Read 1 book a month (intellect)

Goal 5: Increase business revenue by 25% (money)



Too many! Only pick 5


Step 2: WRITE IT DOWN. It’s cheesy but I swear it works. One year I wrote down 5 resolutions on my bathroom mirror. Why? I go in there every day and the more I see those resolutions the more I’m reminded every day to strive towards those resolutions. By the end of the year I had met every single one of them. Stop reading and write down your resolutions for 2016….NOW!


Step 3: Give yourself 60 days (yes, 60 days) to work on each one of your goals. If you do the math you’re working on 1 resolution every 2 months. Why 60 days? It can take someone on average 3 weeks to 100 days to engrain a new habit. That comes to an average of 60 days. DO NOT work on all 5 resolutions at once. When you wrote down your goals make sure you listed them from easiest to hardest. You’ll have more success starting with the easy resolutions and it’ll form a “snowball” affect to help you accomplish the rest over the year.


Will you fall off the wagon? Sure. Will you accomplish all of your resolutions/goals for 2016? Maybe. While accomplishing your goals is ideal you will still see progress in most, if not all, of the 5 areas you set out to improve at the beginning of 2016. Remember, progress is the goal. Not perfection.


Conclusion: Pick 5 resolutions. Write them down. Give at least 60 days to improve or achieve each resolution or goal. That’s it. Happy New Year!

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