Superheroes are part of our culture. They are so engrained in our society the 200 Pop Culture Icons ranked Superman#2! (Batman was 158, sorry Batman fans).  This list included fictional and non-fictional characters. But why are we so fascinated? Perhaps it’s because of their amazing abilities. Seriously, who doesn’t wish they could fly? Modern day movies have exploded with superheroes and have rocked the box office. Not surprisingly, many fitness magazines have pushed articles with the workouts and diet plans many of today’s actors and actresses had to perform in order to have a superhero physique. After reading these articles I noticed these programs are only a snippet of what they went through to attain a Greek godlike body. However, they were good starting points.


I decided to take samples of these workouts and create my very won “Superhero Workout” built over an 8 week training period. It’s simple but affective. WARNING! This workout is for avid fitness enthusiasts who have a strong foundation on all the lifts listed below. If you don’t know how to perform the exercise then you are more than welcome to apply the routine to exercises with which you are familiar.  So, are you are you ready to be a superhero? Give it a shot! (scroll to bottom for sets and reps)


(MONDAY = heavy)

Hanging Power Clean

Barbell Back Squats

Weighted Pull-Ups

2-KB Bench Press

Box Jumps


(TUESDAY = heavy)

Barbell Push Jerk

Barbell Deadlifts

Inverted Rows

Weighted Dips

1-Arm KB Snatch (per arm)


(WEDNESDAY = Rest/Stretch/Walking)


(THURSDAY = light)

2-KB Clean

Front Squats


Plyo Pushups

Broad Jumps


(FRIDAY = light)

Barbell RDL

2-KB Press

2-KB Renegade Rows


1-Arm KBS (per arm)


(SATURDAY = Rest/Stretch/Tread Climber)


(SUNDAY = Rest/Stretch/Walking)


(HEAVY Circuits)

Week 1: 3 x 5

Week 2: 4 x 5

Week 3: 5 x 5

Week 4: 6 x 5

Week 5: 7 x 5

Week 6: 8 x 5

Week 7: 1 x 10

Week 8: restart program and add 5-10lbs to each lift.


(LIGHT Circuits)

Week 1: 3 x 10

Week 2: 4 x 10

Week 3: 5 x 10

Week 4: 6 x 10

Week 5: 7 x 10

Week 6: 8 x 10

Week 7: 1 x 10

Week 8: restart program and add 5-10lbs to each lift.


Perform each workout in a circuit fashion taking no more than 1 min. breaks between each exercise. Focus on big, deep breaths through the belly during your breaks. START WITH LIGHT-MODERATE WEIGHT! Go VERY LIGHT on the power clean and push jerk.


You might think you can handle 5 sets of 5 reps of 225lb on a back squat but can you handle 10 sets or 5 reps? Don’t worry. You’ll feel a ‘burn’ starting day 1. Remember, it’s about the time under tension with your muscles. Not simply completing the reps. Good luck!

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