I love kettlebells. Let me repeat that. I. LOVE. KETTLEBELLS! They’re an amazing tool for building muscle, burning fat, and protecting your joints (if done correctly). One of the most popular methods of using kettlebells is in a kettlebell ‘complex’. A complex is when you perform more than one kettlebell exercise after the other without putting the kettlebell on the floor.

Kettlebell complexes can be performed in many different combinations keeping you entertained. My favorite complex involves the kettlebell clean, shoulder press, and racked squat. The complex I prefer involves performing each exercise for 1 rep, then 3, then 5.  Once I’ve completed the 5th rep I restart back at 1 rep and repeat the cycle for 10-20 min.

If you are unfamiliar with kettlebells I strongly suggest you seek out a kettlebell practitioner. You may use www.dragondoor.com and search for an instructor in your area.

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