Ab wheel rollouts are one of my favorite abdominal/core exercises. Go to any gym and you’re going to see someone using this little piece of exercise equipment. However, many people perform the movement incorrectly. Most of the time people are left with weaker abs and a low back problem. Here are the 3 mistakes most of us make when using an ab wheel

Most Common Mistakes

  1. Arching Lower back
  2. Dragging hips back w/out using arm/latissimus (back) muscles
  3. Not bringing hips out in front

If your goal is have a nice, tight, firm abs then follow these corrections:

  1. Keep lower back flat or slightly rounded
  2. Pull ab wheel back with arms/latissimus as well as abs
  3. Bring hips as far forward as you feel comfortable

BONUS! Once you’ve mastered the ab wheel rollout for 5-10 reps then try it with your knees OFF the ground. Be very, very careful as this is a quantum leap from the ab wheel rollout on your knees.

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