Eating is part of living. Young or old, male or female we all need to eat. When you live in a society such as the United States eating can take on a whole host of meanings. Do you eat foods that are healthy or unhealthy? Do you eat out of convenience or do you prep your food? Surprisingly, the manner in which you eat says a lot about your personality. Food coach and author Karen Knowler, author of Eat Right for Your Personality Type, has researched human eating habits and personalities. She believes your eating habits can affect other areas of life. Everything from work life to your social circle can stem from your eating habits.  Depending on your eating patterns you might have more pros than cons or vice versa. Let’s have a look:

Conscious Eater: You take great pride in eating foods that are good for your health, support local farms, environmentally sustainable, and, if consuming animals, humanely raised.  This type of eater will do whatever is within their power to do the right thing for those around them as well as for themselves.

Conscious Eater

Confused Eater: You are not happy. Not because you don’t like food but because you are constantly searching for the ‘right’ way to eat. Everything from books to blogs, you believe there is a correct formula to health and happiness. You will spend more time worrying about food instead of enjoying it. As in other areas of life once you think you’ve found the right answer you’ll only be happy for a moment before setting on your next journey to find something better.

Confused Eater

Emotional Eater: You are the yo-yo dieter. Your eating habits revolve around your current emotional state. You punish and reward yourself with food being the method of choice. In your world, food is the answer to life’s problems.  As an emotional eater you need to search inward rather than outward to find your true state of happiness. Do not rely on food as the solution.

emotional eater

Sensual Eater: Eating food, healthy or unhealthy, is an experience for you, an enjoyable experience. You live life to the fullest and want to find bliss in everything you do. Food is no different. It enhances your senses and life’s experiences.

Sensual Eater

Focused Eater:  You’re the Alpha. Always on a mission and will do whatever it takes to reach your goals, professionally, socially, and health oriented. This is no different when it comes to food. Any and all food is seen as a means to an end.  Whether it is weight loss or strength building, food is used as a tool rather than enjoyment.  Since you are goal oriented you will find a way to enjoy eating that is both mentally and physically satisfying. You WILL reach your goals.

focused Eater

Functional Eater: You want it now! You’d prefer healthy foods if convenient enough but due to accessibility and speed you tend to eat ‘on-the-go’. Fast food, quick dine-in restaurants, frozen dinners, etc. are your ‘go to’ meals of choice. You tell yourself you’re too busy to prepare your meals when in reality it is just an excuse. If you tell yourself you don’t have the time, then, you won’t make the time.

Functional Eater

So, which eater are you? More than likely you are more than one type of eater. Most of us are and by now we have a good idea of what personality combination makes us a certain type of eater. If you’re not sure, then look at the last two weeks of your diet. What did you eat? When did you eat? Did you make it yourself? Was it healthy? Answer just a few of these questions and you’ll find out.  If you don’t like the type of eater you are then start practicing the traits of the eater you want to be. Start with breakfast. Find 1-2 examples of a breakfast that you will enjoy and fuels your body in a healthy manner. Work on this for 2 weeks and then work on lunch and so on. You will make mistakes but if you learn from those mistakes then you are one step closer to developing the personality traits of a successful, healthy eater. Over time you will see the benefits resonate into other areas of you life. Start today and get it done!

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