Hey ladies, and fellas….if you want a booty you have to work for it! Yes, some of us are lucky and have a derrière to die for but even those lucky few have to keep it in shape. The basic barbell exercises such as the squat and deadlift work wonders for building a strong, big, firm butt. However, there are times we can’t get to the gym and need to get our booty workout in.

Here is my personal secret for keeping my booty beautiful:

1. DEEP box step ups
2. Jump Squats

Perform 3-5 sets with 10-15 reps on each exercise.

Focus on driving your HEELS onto the box when performing the step ups. This will activate your gluteus maximus and medius muscles. If you press with your toes it will activate your quads which you don’t want. Make sure you’re not rounding your back or caving your knees inward when performing jump squats. You may substitute this with regular air squats or use a kettlebell and perform goblet squats.

About Josh Jarmin

Originally from Washington, D.C. (NOVA) Josh moved to Atlanta to be a Middle School history teacher after graduating from James Madison University. He joined the Marine Corps infantry as a reservist and served in Iraq honorably. Josh then turned his attention to personal training after his tour in order to help others reach their health/fitness goals. At one point he was 275lbs and 28% body fat. Now he's 195lbs and 13.5% body fat. Josh worked for several fitness facilities in Atlanta and developed a loyal following of trainees. He's created a training program of his own personal design and has established himself as one of the top kettlebell and body movement experts in the Atlanta area. Josh is currently the Co-Owner and Director of Fitness at Blueprint Fitness.

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