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I’m a huge fan of supersets for two reasons: they’re time efficient and they’re effective. Supersets are also versatile. You can use supersets with your body weight, barbells, kettlebells, bands, and so on. There are 3 main types of supersets and this article is not meant to determine which one is best but rather help […]

No gym? No problem! For centuries, even millennium, humans have shown what they can do with the bare essentials: their body. Just look at Greek statues. They epitomized the peak of physical strength and desire of what a “perfect” person should look like. Remember, they didn’t have bodybuilding magazines, supplements, or any specialized gear and […]

He performed 1033 pushups in 23 min. at the age of 42. He swam the length of the Golden Gate Bridge…under water…with 140lbs attached to him…while handcuffed at the age of 40. Those were just TWO of the dozens of feats of strength he performed well into his 90s! Oh, and to top it all […]

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