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Whether you hate running or can’t run, it doesn’t matter. What matters is how you can effectively burn calories and fat without having to pound the pavement. Below are my favorite non-running related cardio exercises. At the end I’ll give you a few tips on how to incorporate them into your program. Enjoy!   Battle […]

In a recent article published by the NY Times past contestants from the Biggest Loser took part in a survey to see how well they kept the weight off. The update? Most, if not all, of the contestants gained all the weight back. Some even put more weight on! How could this happen? Sure, a […]

Working out for a fitness goal is like taking a road trip; Sure, you might like it for a while, maybe enjoy the scenery but at some point you just want to get there! Knowing whether or not your workouts are effective can help determine if you’re on the right track or if you need […]

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