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No gym? No problem! For centuries, even millennium, humans have shown what they can do with the bare essentials: their body. Just look at Greek statues. They epitomized the peak of physical strength and desire of what a “perfect” person should look like. Remember, they didn’t have bodybuilding magazines, supplements, or any specialized gear and […]

  20s Go CRAZY! You’re young and you’ll bounce back so this is the time to do workouts like Crossfit, Obstacle Races, Parkour, and more. This is the age where you learn from your mistakes so make them count!   30s You’re still young but not that young. Things are starting to ache and hangovers […]

I’M EATING WELL AND WORKING OUT. WHY AM I STILL NOT IN SHAPE?   The journey to healthy body is different for all of us. Genetics and lifestyle are the two main factors to consider when it comes to our overall health. However, the breakdown on where you need to place the blame on having […]

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