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  Superheroes are part of our culture. They are so engrained in our society the 200 Pop Culture Icons ranked Superman#2! (Batman was 158, sorry Batman fans).  This list included fictional and non-fictional characters. But why are we so fascinated? Perhaps it’s because of their amazing abilities. Seriously, who doesn’t wish they could fly? Modern day movies […]

It was only a few years ago the ‘barefoot’ running craze took the nation by storm. Shoe companies readily jumped on the bandwagon that was pulled by the Vibram® company and started producing ‘minimalist’ shoes. Purported ‘studies’ came out validating the benefits of barefoot training (in particular, barefoot running). Like most crazes the barefoot method […]

HIIT style workouts are all the rage today. Trainers, the world over, are praising the ‘science’ behind HIIT workouts and their ability to decrease body fat and increase lean muscle. Unfortunately, most trainers are incorrectly interpreting these studies (more on that later).  First, let’s define HIIT along with it’s brother and sister, HVIT and VIIT. […]

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