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TYPES OF FAT and WHAT THEY DO When you hear the word ‘fat’ most of think of the cellulite on our legs, the belly hanging over our belts, or the muffin stop we wish would go away. It may surprise you to learn there’s more than one type of fat and some of them actually […]

No gym? No problem! For centuries, even millennium, humans have shown what they can do with the bare essentials: their body. Just look at Greek statues. They epitomized the peak of physical strength and desire of what a “perfect” person should look like. Remember, they didn’t have bodybuilding magazines, supplements, or any specialized gear and […]

Don’t f*ck with a Jedi Master In just a few days Star Wars VII will be released. If you’re as much of a sci-fi nerd as I am then you’ve already had several “nerdgasms” with each trailer release over the last year. Since Star Wars inception there has been a massive following of Star Wars fanatics. […]

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