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Resetting. Cleansing. Detoxing. Call it what you like it’s bullsh*t.   There is one hard truth when it comes to your health: there is no quick fix! (at least, no fix that lasts). One such method being marketed to the public for decades has been a “detox diet.” Why the appeal?   First, we’re not […]

You’ve probably noticed throughout your life that most of us are not the exact same. We have different heights, bone structure/length, muscular development, method of fat storage, and so on. Knowing your body type, while not a guarantee for your fitness goals, can help steer your fitness path by enhancing your strengths and minimizing your […]

I’m sure some of you are thinking, “What the heck is ‘kaizen’?” Broken down it means…. KAI = Good ZEN = Improvement In other words, continuous improvement. It’s a Japanese business philosophy that carries great weight in all aspects of life. The idea being that if you want something to change for the better then […]

Understanding nutrition can be quite complex depending on your eating habits, fitness/health goals, hormone balance, and more. Simplifying the process by following basic rules, such as eating more vegetables at lunch, are a good start. However, some of you want to know exactly what you should be consuming for your goals. How many calories? Macros? […]

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