Everyone is in a rush to get things done. The world is moving fast and if we don’t move fast enough we’ll fall behind. The fitness industry knows this and makes a killing knowing that you will buy whatever program is out there that offers to get you in the best shape of your life in as little time as possible.


I think most of you reading this article realize that in order to have the body you want it takes time; months, even years, to see incredible change. That doesn’t mean a short workout here and there can’t help. Something is better than nothing. When under a time crunch I make workouts that are quick and efficient. At the minimum it will help me maintain some of my results acquired of years of training. For those of you just getting into a workout routine you can see incredible results using this workout routine. I call it the 3:20 method (not to be confused with 4:20…knee slapper! Haha).


Here are the rules:

  • Pick 3 exercises and perform them in a circuit fashion (one after the other)
  • Set your timer for 20 min. (after you’ve warmed up)
  • Keep your reps to 10 and under (most of the time).
    • I’m a big fan of 1-3-5-rep scheme, 2-4-6-rep scheme, and 3-6-9-rep scheme.
  • Rest for no more than 30 seconds between exercises
  • Make the exercises harder by performing them slowly (except for power movements such as swings or jumping)


That’s it! Below you’ll find a few examples of kettlebell and bodyweight 3:20 workouts. You can always mix and match kettlebell exercises with bodyweight exercises. Make it fun! Enjoy!




Example 1

2-KB Clean x 1-3-5

2-KB Press x 1-3-5

2-KB Racked Squat x 1-3-5

Example 2

2-KB Plank Row x 2-4-6/arm

2-KB Floor Press x 2-4-6/arm

2-KB Walking Lunges x 2-4-6/leg

Example 3

Alt. KBS x 3-6-9/side

1-Arm KB Row x 3-6-9/side

1-Arm KB Press x 3-6-9/side


Woman doing press up on white set.

Example 1

Pull-Up x 2-4-6

Pushup x 2-4-6

Squat x 2-4-6

Example 2

Chin-Up x 3-6-9

Dip (dip bars OR chair) x 3-6-9

Bulgarian Split Squat x 3-6-9/leg

Example 3

Neutral Grip Pull-Up x 1-3-5

Diamond Pushup x 1-3-5

Pistol x 1-3-5/leg



About Josh Jarmin

Originally from Washington, D.C. (NOVA) Josh moved to Atlanta to be a Middle School history teacher after graduating from James Madison University. He joined the Marine Corps infantry as a reservist and served in Iraq honorably. Josh then turned his attention to personal training after his tour in order to help others reach their health/fitness goals. At one point he was 275lbs and 28% body fat. Now he's 195lbs and 13.5% body fat. Josh worked for several fitness facilities in Atlanta and developed a loyal following of trainees. He's created a training program of his own personal design and has established himself as one of the top kettlebell and body movement experts in the Atlanta area. Josh is currently the Co-Owner and Director of Fitness at Blueprint Fitness.

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