The Tech Guy

Results: Lost over 17 Pounds & 11% Body Fat!

Lost 7.2 inches of his abs!

His Story:  Vinay is currently getting his PhD from Georgia Tech and also interns for Google.  Even with is hectic work/life schedule he finds the time to come to the gym almost every day. Vinay’s is a vegetarian so we worked with him on the proper nutrition to compliment his eating habits.  His results have been incredible and over the last eight months  he’s went down 17 lbs, dropped 11% body fat, lost 2.75 inches off his chest, 5.5 inches off his waist, and 7.25 inches off his abs!  Vinay has said he isn’t done yet. He continues to work hard and after winning the September 14′ Fitness Challenge he earned the Member of the Month award for October 14′.

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