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Small Group Personal Training in West Midtown

What is it?  Small Group Personal Training is our most personalized training experience. During your one hour session you will meet with one of our certified trainers in a private or semi-private setting. During these training sessions, our trainers will use your custom Blueprint to help you reach your specific goals. The workouts are tailored to meet you at your fitness level.

The Blueprint:  When a trial member decides to join we create a custom Blueprint based on their evaluation. This Blueprint will advise you on what workouts to take, how often, and when to take them. Overtime your Blueprint is adjusted as you reach your goals. Included in the Blueprint is your Functional Movement Screen (FMS), measurements, stretches, strength progressions, Indie program (if requested), and power lifting log (if needed).

The Workout:  The Small Group Personal Training workout is designed to increase muscle tone and burn fat.  All workouts include full body strength training, cardio, stability work, and core exercises. The amount of strength training and cardio varies depending on each member’s personal goals. Most of the workout is upright functional training. Members perform unconventional movements that will increase your heart rate, get you sweating, and leave you feeling accomplished. We incorporate kettlebells, steel maces, steel bells, medicine balls, suspension training, and good old fashioned calisthenics into our workouts. The workouts change every day and are never repeated.

Our Small Group Personal Training Membership

  • Comprehensive Evaluation
  • Personlized Blueprint
  • Personal Program Design
  • Unlimited Kettlebell Basics Sessions
  • Unlimited Team Training Sessions
  • ]5 Small Group Personal Training Sessions – Silver Membership
  • 16 Small Group Personal Training Sessions – Gold Membership
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