Fitness Instruction

Most trainers and exercise enthusiasts have their favorite toy: barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, and more. Your choice of why a specific piece of gear is your favorite is not right or wrong, it’s merely your preference. It’s what you’ve grown accustomed to using and helps you enjoy training and, ideally, achieving your fitness goals. But, is […]

Let’s start off with one cold, hard fact: If you want to see physical improvement you MUST follow a “periodized” program. Periodization is a method used to adjust a training program to seek advancement in physical performance or aesthetics. Periodization, not randomization, is the key. The reason? With a periodized program you make minimal changes […]

There are, literally, thousands upon thousands of workout routines on the Internet. Venturing into the World Wide Web to create your own workout program can be daunting. Most of the time we get overwhelmed and never start training or we get ADD and jump from one program to the next and see minimal results. While […]

You’re probably wondering why I’m bringing up a rule that was introduced by an Italian economist over 100 years ago and developed by a Romanian-born American master of management techniques and principles. For starters, it works! Second, the principle can be applied to almost any field of life: work, family, health, etc. As an example, […]

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