Fitness Instruction

Recently, I’ve come to know the pain and discomfort of having a slipped disc. To be completely honest I’ve never felt pain like this before. It hurts to lean down and tie my shoes. It hurts just to get in and out of my car. Basically, it sucks. However, this issue has done 2 things: […]

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear; in order to increase lean muscle and decrease body fat you SHOULD eat carbohydrates. Yes, it is possible to do both with very few carbs but its not as effective, enjoyable, or sustainable. Now that’s out of the way we can get down to the “nitty gritty” of how […]

It’s a “spooktalular” holiday and what better way than to celebrate the Day of the Dead than a workout that leaves you lifeless on the floor? Muahahahahahaha!   I’m not a fan of “thrashing” workouts but it seemed fitting to create a kettlebell workout, aptly titled “MONSTER”, for today’s session 🙂 All you need is […]

Most trainers and exercise enthusiasts have their favorite toy: barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, and more. Your choice of why a specific piece of gear is your favorite is not right or wrong, it’s merely your preference. It’s what you’ve grown accustomed to using and helps you enjoy training and, ideally, achieving your fitness goals. But, is […]

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