14Nov 2016

  Ah, the ever so reliable pushup! It’s arguably the foundation for upper bodyweight strength training. From ancient Spartan warriors to modern day fitness bunnies, pushups are performed by nearly everyone! Unfortunately, many perform pushups incorrectly, including those in the military (and we loooove our pushups). Take a look at the list below and see how […]

07Nov 2016

As a student of fitness I’ve learned that everything…..everything….can serve a purpose. Like most trainers I found a discipline or two that served a purpose.  All disciplines, even spinning (if you can call it a discipline) serves a purpose. But, there is one trait I’ve noticed to be common across all disciplines. That trait is strength. […]

31Oct 2016

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” Ok, that’s a phrase people use when referring to Winter holidays but I disagree! I loooooove Halloween. From the candies and costumes to the parties and haunted houses. That doesn’t mean it comes without consequence. Especially, when we talk about the amount of candy we consume. Here […]

24Oct 2016

With so much information out there it’s time consuming to figure out which pieces of advice to believe and follow. That’s what I’m here for! Over the last few weeks I’ve jotted down a few key points I’ve learned from a few trainers, coaches, and professors who are far smarter than I. Take a few […]

18Oct 2016

The amount of useful information I learned from Dr. Hartle in the SFG Lifting course was incredible! Just when you think you know the “ins” and “outs” of powerlifting you get slapped upside the head with so much more knowledge. Everything from coaching cues, corrective drills, and programming were fed to us over 3 days […]

11Oct 2016

In our last article we discussed how to spot the signs of overtraining. Now, let’s dive into the ways one can recover, properly, and get back in the gym!   The first step seems simple, but it’s surprising how many people ignore it. That first step is to STOP TRAINING! Aside from a long walk […]