12Sep 2017

Let’s start off with one cold, hard fact: If you want to see physical improvement you MUST follow a “periodized” program. Periodization is a method used to adjust a training program to seek advancement in physical performance or aesthetics. Periodization, not randomization, is the key. The reason? With a periodized program you make minimal changes […]

05Sep 2017

Trying to lose excess body fat can be frustrating. For those who are leaner this could mean dropping into the single digits for a competition. This article is NOT for you. For the rest of you, keep reading.   There are a few things you must consider when you begin eating a healthier diet (or […]

29Aug 2017

Let’s be honest for a second, some of us hate exercising. I’m here to tell you that’s OK! If you fall into the group who likes to exercise, then, CONGRATS! It’s far easier for you to stick with your training than most. But, for the rest of us who don’t like training, maybe, we should […]

22Aug 2017

There are, literally, thousands upon thousands of workout routines on the Internet. Venturing into the World Wide Web to create your own workout program can be daunting. Most of the time we get overwhelmed and never start training or we get ADD and jump from one program to the next and see minimal results. While […]

15Aug 2017

  IT’S GOING TO TAKE LONGER THAN YOU THINK   Most of us want to be healthy and feel confident with our bodies. While health will improve rather quickly, the physical change and confidence you’re seeking is a lengthy process. It’s understandable to think the fat should come off fast based on what society and […]

07Aug 2017

You’re probably wondering why I’m bringing up a rule that was introduced by an Italian economist over 100 years ago and developed by a Romanian-born American master of management techniques and principles. For starters, it works! Second, the principle can be applied to almost any field of life: work, family, health, etc. As an example, […]

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