28Mar 2017

If you’ve never read “The Hungry Brain” by Dr. Stephan Guyenet I suggest you put it on your list. It’s one of the easiest reads to understand how our brain works when it comes to food. Dr. Guyenet is a neuroscientist and has taken one of the most complex instruments in the universe, the human […]

21Mar 2017

Routine consumption of plain, black coffee helps reduce the risk of Type II diabetes.   The reason is due to the caffeic acid found in coffee. Chinese researches have concluded that caffeic acid prevents the build up of a toxic protein that increases the risk of getting Type II diabetes. EVEN BETTER NEWS: The caffeic […]

27Feb 2017

Last week we showcased the multitude of squat variations to incorporate into your training. Now, we’re going after all of our favorite HINGE exercises (aka deadlift). For mobility reasons hinging exercises are a favorite when compared to squats. Why? As long as your hamstrings are not extremely tight then you have the prerequisites to perform hinging […]

20Feb 2017

The squat is the foundation of most athletic and aesthetic training programs. You want to run faster? Squat. You want to lift more weight? Squat. You want to have a nice butt? Squat. You want to reduce back problems? Squat even more! For as many benefits we can reap from squatting there are just as […]

13Feb 2017

The road to a healthy and fit body has many paths. Just like any well-planned road trip it is encouraging to see signs that you’re going the right way. The bad news is that some of these “signs” might go right passed you. The good news is that most of these signs are easy to […]

06Feb 2017

I’m not talking specifically about world-class athletes, although they definitely apply to this article. I’m talking about the person working out right beside you in the gym. And THAT’S the big difference. You’re “working out” while they’re “training.” And, yes, there’s a difference.     The “athlete” beside you could be working towards the same […]