31Mar 2015

There’s more to fitness than just “strength” and “cardio.”  In fact, did you know there are at least 10 domains of fitness? These domains were officially defined around a decade ago, but continue to open many eyes about the importance of focusing on as many domains as possible as part of your training routine. While […]

10Mar 2015

If you LOVE to eat then congratulations! You’re normal! Unfortunately, we tend to eat too much of the wrong things. Conflicting info on what’s good for you, having the time, money, and energy to cook after a long, hard day at work or school is not our idea of a relaxing time. But, there is […]

04Mar 2015

Join the Blueprint Fitness Personal Training Team Today! About Us We are personal training gym located in West Midtown Atlanta. Our focus is on small group personal training and team training workouts. We play games, swing kettlebells, work hard, work smart, and push each other to reach our full potential.  We keep a relaxed, fun, […]

04Mar 2015

Ever ask yourself why you don’t have the dream body you’ve always wanted? Did you tell yourself you’re doing the right thing? Setting aside 1 meal a week to be your “cheat” meal? Is it really just 1 day a week? Well, we’ve done the work for you and laid out ALL of your “cheat” […]

03Feb 2015

In the pursuit of a great body we run to the newest, best, all-in-one workout routine to burn body fat and increase lean muscle. It’s safe to assume that’s about 90% of everyone’s goal in a gym. But what is the ‘perfect’ workout? This is a very debated topic among fitness professionals. Many factors come […]

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