20Oct 2015

I love kettlebells. Let me repeat that. I. LOVE. KETTLEBELLS! They’re an amazing tool for building muscle, burning fat, and protecting your joints (if done correctly). One of the most popular methods of using kettlebells is in a kettlebell ‘complex’. A complex is when you perform more than one kettlebell exercise after the other without […]

13Oct 2015

Ab wheel rollouts are one of my favorite abdominal/core exercises. Go to any gym and you’re going to see someone using this little piece of exercise equipment. However, many people perform the movement incorrectly. Most of the time people are left with weaker abs and a low back problem. Here are the 3 mistakes most […]

22Sep 2015

5 x 5 Training: What Is It & Does It Work? History: It’s not clear as to who created the 5 x 5 lifting program. Many lifters of the 20th century experimented with various set and rep ranges to determine the best program for strength building. It’s safe to assume someone came up with the […]

16Sep 2015

Lifting heavy things. Running really, really far. Both tasks performed by humans for thousands upon thousands of years. We see strength in many forms but most noticeably in the sports of powerlifting, Olympic lifting, and strongman contests.  From lifting 300lb rocks over ones head in ancient Greece to 1,400lb log carries in modern day Iceland. […]

01Sep 2015

If you’ve been trying to lose body fat then you have probably come across information regarding Intermittent Fasting (IF). IF is nothing new and has been performed for thousands of years in many different cultures (Yom Kippur for Jews, Ramadan for Muslims, Lent for Christians, and so on). While the origin of IF stems from […]

16Aug 2015

In the world of health we focus on the big 3 macronutrients: Protein, Carbs, and Fat. “Macro” meaning we need them in large amounts. What we usually don’t consider with regards to our health are micronutrients. Micronutrients are essential to our health, but we don’t need large quantities to live (hence, the word micro).  Another […]

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