04Mar 2015

Ever ask yourself why you don’t have the dream body you’ve always wanted? Did you tell yourself you’re doing the right thing? Setting aside 1 meal a week to be your “cheat” meal? Is it really just 1 day a week? Well, we’ve done the work for you and laid out ALL of your “cheat” […]

03Feb 2015

In the pursuit of a great body we run to the newest, best, all-in-one workout routine to burn body fat and increase lean muscle. It’s safe to assume that’s about 90% of everyone’s goal in a gym. But what is the ‘perfect’ workout? This is a very debated topic among fitness professionals. Many factors come […]

29Jan 2015

I love the press. Let me rephrase: I. LOVE. THE. PRESS! For me the press (aka shoulder press or military press) is a true test of upper body strength with a barbell or kettlebell. Sure, you have the bench press but in the realm of overall body strength it hardly compares to the press.  Why? […]

20Jan 2015

HIIT style workouts are all the rage today. Trainers, the world over, are praising the ‘science’ behind HIIT workouts and their ability to decrease body fat and increase lean muscle. Unfortunately, most trainers are incorrectly interpreting these studies (more on that later).  First, let’s define HIIT along with it’s brother and sister, HVIT and VIIT. […]

12Jan 2015

The Holy Grail for every guy who wants to get stronger and bigger, the BENCH PRESS! If you’ve ever stepped in a weight room then the first piece of gear you ever touched was the bench press.  Forget the movements that actually mean something (i.e. Squat or Deadlift). Hit that BENCH PRESS! Or should you? […]